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American Olean Ceramic Library


Bring the entire line of American Olean products to your customer's fingertips with our tile and stone Inspiration Center. The winged display showcases up to 54 feature panels and 24 accent boards, and allows for versatility in design with 2 adjustable wings for large format tile.


Size:93" H x 77.5" W x 36" D





American Olean X-12

X-12 DisplayThe X-12 display is mobile, compact, easy to set up and requires no tools for assembly. Even with its interlocking "X-shaped" design, the tile remains the primary focus and it doesn't take up a lot of space.



20" H x 21" W x 33" D



American Olean Entourage™ Display


The Entourage™ Display exhibits stunning decorative mosaics and wall tile, from the Entourage™ collection. The display features 24 boards providing samples and information on all 13 exclusive lines.



84.5" H x 31.5" W x 27.5" D




American Olean Wood Inspirations Display

The Wood Inspirations Display allows you to easily showcase the beauty of wood-look tile with 8 easy-to-handle, full size sample panels. The display features full-size pieces of Historic Bridge and Creekwood in all available colors. Each panel features a routed handle for easy removal, along with a front lable displaying the name of the product series, color name, and brand logo. A full-size laminated label is applied to the back of each panel featuring a room scene of the product series, along with additional colors and applicable technical information.



48" H x 38" W x 16.5" D









American Olean Stone Card Display

The compact and convenient Stone Card Display with packout presents a sampling of contemporary stone products featured on 9" x 6" cards. These portable cards allow the products to be viewed with the full range of American Olean products, and provide product information and additional color options.


4.25" H x 15.5" W x 14" D





American Olean Rectangular Format Display

Sturdy stand gives customers ready access to 12 popular rectangular and large-format 12" x 24" loose tile products.



36" H x 26" W x 26" D








Style Access Tri-Tower Display

 Card Display features:  Artisan, Gypsea, Organic Strands, Natural Elements Collection, Stone Medley, Marble Medley, Urban Classics, Retrospectives, Finish Line, Urban Textures, Urban Textures Glass, Urban Textures Wall, Urban Textures Mosaics


62" H x 24" W x 26" D


Pack-Out Includes:

(9) 20"x12" Cards

(112) 14"x6" Cards

(3) 24"x60" Wire Grid Panels

(6) Wire Grid Connectors

(44) Peg Hooks

Base and Legs


Style Access Floor Tile Display

The Floor Tile Frame Display allows you the versatility to design your own display using one of the product family sets listed below:

Disk Floor Tile Frame Display




Stoneway Floor Tile Frame Display




Organic Strands Floor Tile Frame Display


48" x 48"

Style Access Urban Textures Color Boards

The Six Board Color Set features The Urban Textures Collection.



19" x 24"





Murrine Mosaics Swatch Box with Cards


Murrine Mosaics Architectural Binders


Murrine Mosaics Master Color Boards

Opal Blends 1/5                                                     Opal Blends 2/5

Opal Blends 3/5                                                      Opal Blends 4/5

Opal Blends 5/5                                                      Medley

Opal Solids 1/3                                                         Opal Solids 2/3

Opal Solids 3/3                                                        Quartz 1/2

Quartz 2/2                                                                Tides 1/2












Tides 2/2

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