Discounts & Close-outs


  American Olean Avante AV96 13X20 Wall-Bianco (Ceramic)  $0.65/sf  


  American Olean Avante AV96 13X13 Bianco (Ceramic)  $0.65/sf


  American Olean Avante AV99 13X13 Oro Terra (Ceramic)  $0.65/sf


  American Olean Avante AV99 13X20 Wall-Oro Terra (Ceramic)  $0.65/sf


  American Olean Avante AV99 20X20 Oro Terra (Ceramic)  $0.65/sf


 American Olean Belmar BL90 6X6 Wall-Pearl (Ceramic)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR80 12X12 Pietre Bianca (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR80 18X18 Pietre Bianca (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR81 18X18 Sabbia Dorato (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR82 12X12 Terra Marrone (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR82 18X18 Terra Marrone (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR83 18X18 Oro Miele (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR83 6X6 Wall-Oro Miele (Ceramic)  $0.25/sf


 American Olean Costa Rei CR83 10X14 Wall-Oro Miele (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Cascata CT16 24X24 Cappuccino (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Cascata CT17 12X12 Noce (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Domain DM02 12X12 Linen (Porcelain)  $0.35/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR01 12X24 POL Ideal White (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR01 12X24 UNPOL Ideal White (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR02 12X24 UNPOL Refined Beige (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR03 12X24 UNPOL Proper Taupe (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR05 12X24 POL Formal Brown (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR05 12X24 UNPOL Formal Brown (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR06 12X12 UNPOL Distinct Black (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 American Olean Decorum DR06 12X24 POL Distinct Black (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Stone Claire EL91 13X13 Ashen (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 American Olean Stone Claire EL91 20X20 Ashen (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 American Olean Stone Claire EL92 13X20 Wall-Russet (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 American Olean Stone Claire EL92 20X20 Russet (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 American Olean Highland Ridge HR50 12X12 Desert (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Highland Ridge HR51 12X12 Autumn (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Laurel Heights LH96 24X24 Elevated Beige (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Laurel Heights LH97 24X24 Brown Pinnacle (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Laurel Heights LH98 24X24 Gray Summit (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Montego MG95 18X18 Coastal Ivory (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Montego MG97 12X12 Pebble Brown (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Salcedo SC85 12x12 Durango Cream (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Salcedo SC85 18X18 Durango Cream (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Salcedo SC86 18X18 Cortez Beige (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Salcedo SC87 12X12 Pueblo Clay (Ceramic)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean St. Germain SE63 12X12 Or (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean St. Germain SE66 12X12 Sauge (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 American Olean Shadow Bay SH52 12X12 Sea Grass (Porcelain)  $0.25/sf


 American Olean Shadow Bay SH54 12X12 Sunset Cove (Porcelain)  $0.25/sf


 American Olean Southland SH98 12X24 Dark Grey (Ceramic)  $0.88/sf


 American Olean Treymont TM01 18X18 Sand (Porcelain)  $0.60/sf


 American Olean Treymont TM03 12X12 Wheat (Porcelain)  $0.60/sf


 American Olean Treymont TM03 18X18 Wheat (Porcelain)   $0.60/sf


 American Olean Torre Venato TN87 13X13 Noce (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 American Olean Torre Venato TN87 6.5X6.5 Wall-Noce (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 American Olean Vallano VL03 18X18 Milk Chocolate (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 American Olean Vallano VL04 18X18 Dark Chocolate (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 Ape Grupo Ceramica Granada Rojo 2X10 (Porcelain)  $2.25/sf


 Ceramiche Supergres Everstone 18X18 Everdore (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 Ceramiche Supergres Everstone 12X12 Evergrau (Porcelain)  $0.95/sf


 Ceramiche Supergres Everstone 18X18 Evergrau (Porcelain)  $0.60/sf


 Imola Zero G 30 Natural 12X12 (Porcelain)  $0.75/sf


 Itagres Torino 18X18 Oliva (Porcelain)  $0.55/sf


 Ragno Vatican Gallery Da Vinci Terracotta 20X20 (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 Ragno Vatican Gallery Giotto Gold 13X13 (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 Ragno Vatican Gallery Giotto Gold 20X20 (Porcelain)  $0.85/sf


 Refin Ceramiche Slate 12X12 Rainbow (Porcelain)  $0.35/sf


 Valorem Bamboo Bamboo Blanc Oblong (Porcelain)  $4.00/sheet


 Valorem Wave Rock WR03 12X24 Cloud (Porcelain)  $1.55/sf


 Valorem Wave Rock WR04 12X24 Storm (Porcelain)  $1.55.sf

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